Manufacturing of Makeup Mirror


The surface processing of the reflective imaging surface of the glass has two methods: electroless silver plating and vacuum evaporation. The most commonly used method is electroless silver plating. This method is to dissolve silver nitrate in water, add ammonia water and sodium hydroxide solution and dilute to silver hydroxide ammonia double salt to make a silver plating solution. Use invert sugar or formaldehyde, potassium sodium tartrate solution as reducing liquid. After the glass is cut, edged (grind and polished if necessary), the surface is cleaned, sensitized with dilute stannous chloride solution, then cleaned, and then mixed with silver plating solution and reducing solution to immediately impregnate the surface, Makeup Mirror after the formation of the Mirror wash, then can be copper plating and coated with protective paint. The vacuum evaporation method is to clean the glass and place it in an evaporation device with a vacuum degree of 0.1-10-4Pa. The spiral tungsten wire is energized, and the high temperature generated makes the aluminum alloy in the spiral sublimate into a gaseous state, which is deposited on the glass surface to form a mirror surface . Electron gun can also be used instead of tungsten wire for heating. The vacuum evaporation method can also process the smooth metal surface into a mirror surface.