How to avoid fog for Multi-function Smart Mirror


Anti-fog method of Multi-function Smart Mirror
Water vapor condenses when it is cold, which is the root cause of foggy bathroom mirrors. When the water vapor encounters the low temperature mirror in the bathroom, it will condense into a layer of water mist (which can be understood as small water droplets) on the surface, causing the surface to be diffusely reflected and unable to reflect normally, resulting in the inability to use the bathroom mirror normally. The water temperature of the bathtub is roughly the same as the body temperature of the human body, between 35℃-40℃. The surface temperature of the bathroom mirror is slightly lower than room temperature.
 Because the room temperature is low in winter, the temperature difference between the bathroom mirror and the air is large, so the fog is thicker and it takes a long time for the fog to dissipate naturally.
1. According to the cause of the fog in the bathroom mirror, we can analyze how to avoid the fog:
Principle 1: Reduce air humidity;
Principle 2: Reduce the temperature difference between the steam and the bathroom mirror (increase the surface temperature of the bathroom mirror);
Principle 3: Fog should not form on the bathroom mirror surface.
2. Methods of defogging and anti-fogging
An effective method of defogging is to electrically heat the mirror itself to reduce the temperature difference. Heating the mirror when there is no fog can prevent fogging, and heating when there is fog can remove the fog. The speed of the pressure reducer is related to the heating power. However, it should be noted that excessive heating power and rapid temperature changes may cause problems such as mirror fracture.
3. Note that when purchasing such electric toilet appliances, there must be leakage protection. If you touch the switch with water, it is easy to cause danger.
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