Function of Smart Mirror


The first thing most people do when they get up to the bathroom every day is to look in the mirror to see how their skin and condition are today. The last thing before going out is to look in the mirror and check your clothes and makeup.
So it is very important to have a good mirror with high definition and light.

Especially girls make up, they have certain requirements for light, too bright or too dark, it is likely to cause makeup to overturn.

1. Anti-fog function

Smart Mirror can solve the problem of fogging on the mirror surface when it encounters steam. As the hot water vapor from our bath meets the low-temperature mirror, it will easily form a foggy surface when it is cold and heats up. So Smart Mirror uses an anti-fog mirror. There are mainly two types of anti-fog mirrors on the market: coated anti-fog mirrors and electrically heated anti-fog mirrors. The coated anti-fog mirror prevents the formation of a fog surface through the coating micro-holes; the electric heating anti-fog mirror increases the humidity of the mirror surface by heating, so that the fog quickly evaporates, and it is difficult to form a fog surface.

2. Waterproof function

Smart Mirror needs to be connected to a power source, and some people will worry about the safety of electricity. Smart Mirror's battery or wiring are hidden in a waterproof box behind the mirror, which is relatively safe.