Types of Led Makeup Mirror


Types of Led Makeup Mirror
Bathroom mirrors are mainly divided into anti-fog bathroom mirrors and ordinary bathroom mirrors, and smart anti-fog bathroom mirrors are divided into coated anti-fog mirrors and electric heating anti-fog mirrors.
The bathroom coating anti-fog mirror realizes anti-fogging through the coating micro-holes to prevent the fog layer; the bathroom electric heating anti-fog mirror increases the humidity of the mirror surface through electric heating, and the fog quickly evaporates, so that the fog layer cannot be formed.
1. Coated anti-fog mirror
It is composed of coated micropores to prevent the fog layer. Its anti-fog coating is made of conductive material ATO and silicon oxide, so that it can form a kind of antibacterial agent with good hydrophilic effect and can avoid static electricity. It has It can prevent fog, pollution and avoid static electricity and many other effects.
2. Electric heating anti-fog mirror
It is heated by electric heating to make the humidity of the mirror surface higher, so that the fog layer can not be formed naturally, and the fog can be rapidly increased.
3. Nano composite anti-fog mirror
What it uses is the separation of chemical and physical principles, and then it is firmly bonded to the glass, so that there is no way to form water droplets, and naturally you can achieve the anti-fog effect you want. In addition, there are other types of bathroom anti-fog mirrors on the market, which are not listed here. Smart bathroom mirrors are equipped with anti-fog and moisture-proof functions. This is the difference between smart bathroom mirrors and ordinary bathroom mirrors. It is also the reason why the price of smart bathroom mirrors is higher than that of ordinary bathroom mirrors.
Maintenance of smart mirror
1. Do not touch the mirror with wet hands, or wipe the mirror with a damp cloth, so as not to increase the pouring of moisture and make the light layer of the mirror deteriorate and become black.
2. The mirror should not be in contact with salt, grease and acidic substances, which are easy to corrode the mirror surface.
3. Wipe the mirror surface with a soft dry cloth or cotton to prevent the mirror surface from being rubbed; or use a soft cloth or emery cloth dipped in some kerosene or wax to wipe; or wipe the mirror and the frame with a rag dipped in milk. Clear and bright. In addition, wipe with oil-absorbent tissue, the effect is also good.
4. Bathroom mirrors are prone to fogging after taking a bath. You can use Kuameijing glass anti-fogging agent for anti-fogging. It has super-hydrophilic properties, and all the fog will be dispersed after spraying.