The difference between the makeup mirror and ordinary mirror


1. The light of makeup mirror and ordinary mirror is different from ordinary mirror. The basic principle is to reflect the original light, and the surrounding environment can be reflected directly in the mirror.
If the environment around you is darker, the reflection in the mirror will be darker.
Therefore, most of the time, our makeup method will be heavier, our hands will be heavier, and the makeup will be very thick.

2. The size of makeup mirror is different from that of ordinary mirror.
If you put an ordinary mirror on the dresser, it will basically not change and can shine on the upper body.
Professional make-up mirror can not only enlarge facial features, but also determine the make-up method and upper body area according to their own size.
Therefore, compared with ordinary mirrors, cosmetic mirrors are indeed more suitable for makeup and modeling.

3. Make up mirror can better restore your beauty value, because our mirror is only the embodiment of a certain environment, because our make-up is basically completed in the room, but the make-up is basically carried out under natural light or sunlight, so the make-up presentation is slightly different, while ordinary mirrors can only present your make-up in the room, so it is very necessary to use make-up mirror.