How to choose a good smart mirror


1. When we choose the smart mirror, the first thing we see is the appearance of the mirror. As the saying goes: when you see good things, you will naturally feel very happy. When we buy a mirror, many people usually only notice the front of the mirror. Although this sentence is true, in fact, we should observe the mirror from multiple angles, such as front, side and back, so that you won't miss some details. A good mirror will never have bubbles, debris, pressure points, glass defects, discoloration, black spots, black frames, etc.

2. We all want to buy a smart mirror with good imaging effect and will not deform or distort in 2M imaging. Let me teach you a simple recognition method: when looking at the mirror, please pay attention to the straight object in the distance of the mirror. You can also move the object slightly. If the straight object is not bent and deformed, the mirror imaging effect is good.

3. At present, the thickness of smart mirrors in the market is different, and the price also varies greatly. Generally speaking, the thicker the mirror, the more expensive it is. It is recommended that you choose a mirror with a thickness of about 8mm. The thickness of the mirror is relatively stable. Don't choose thin mirrors to save money. All you need to know is that the mirror is too thin and easy to break, which is very unsafe.

4. The bathroom is a special area in the family. In order to meet people's needs, intelligent bathroom mirrors have also been launched on the market. For example, waterproof and antirust bathroom mirror, anti fog bathroom mirror, Bluetooth bathroom mirror, etc. you can choose the appropriate bathroom mirror according to your family needs. This will show how fashionable the bathroom at home will be.