The function of the smart mirror


(1) Demisting function of the smart mirror. Mirror defogging can be divided into coating defogging and electrothermal defogging. Coating defogging is to apply a layer of special anti fog material on the mirror surface to prevent fog from adhering to the mirror surface. This kind of mirror is expensive, but relatively safe, and there is no electric leakage and electric shock; The electrothermal defogging is to add an electrothermal system on the back of the mirror. The fog on the surface of the mirror is dispersed by electric heating. This scheme is relatively cheap. The back of the mirror needs a certain space and consumes a certain amount of energy.Under normal circumstances, when taking a bath, the bathroom is closed. At this time, the fog and moisture generated during bathing cannot be distributed, and will be attached to the wall, ground and mirror; At this time, the bathroom mirror will lose its function. If you buy an intelligent bathroom mirror with defogging function, you can disperse the fog attached to the mirror, so as to restore the function of the mirror.

(2) Waterproof function of the smart mirror. Smart bathroom mirrors generally have touch and lighting functions, so it is necessary to install lighting system and touch keys on the mirror, and these materials need to be powered on. Long term contact with water is likely to cause electric leakage and electric shock; The mirror with waterproof function will generally be coated with waterproof material on the back of the mirror to prevent water seepage and leakage at the joint on the back of the bathroom mirror, so as to avoid cracking or mildew on the back of the mirror.

(3) Anti rust function of the smart mirror. Because the bathroom is relatively wet and dark, the surface of the ordinary bathroom mirror will be dim after being used for a period of time, and there will be a feeling of rust on the surface, which seems difficult to clean; There will be anti rust and waterproof film on the surface and back of the intelligent bathroom mirror to eliminate the rust of the intelligent bathroom cabinet and effectively avoid the rust and falling off of the bathroom cabinet.