Introduction of glass table


There are many types of table materials available for families, marble, wooden, steel and other types can be found on the market at will. One of the more common ones is that glass tables are not only easy to clean and beautiful, but also increase the sense of space in the house.

1. Introduction of glass table

The transparent glass table uses tempered glass, which is a kind of safety glass, which has strong resistance to pressure, cold and heat, and impact. Compared with ordinary glass, the strength of tempered glass is several times higher. At the same time, the safety is greatly improved. The advantages of tempered glass in terms of safety, high strength and thermal stability are not available in other ordinary glasses. The price of tempered glass is not very expensive, so the price of a table made of tempered glass It will not be very expensive. So it is easy to see glass tables on the market.


Now let’s introduce the advantages of glass tables.

1. Compared with the traditional wooden table, the transparent glass table has a bolder and avant-garde style, and its functions are more practical.

2. The transparent glass table will not be affected by indoor air, will not be deformed due to unfavorable humidity, occupy a small space, safe and environmentally friendly, no pollution, no radiation.

3. The transparent glass table can better form a good combination with other types of furniture. The simple and clear lines and transparent visual effects will not make it abrupt.

4. The transparent glass table is easy to clean, with various shapes and unique patterns, which can meet the needs of different consumers.


When purchasing a glass table, you must choose reliable quality materials. Transparent glass tables may have the risk of self-explosion. Although tempered glass tables are hard and temperature-resistant, you must carefully select qualified and high-strength tempered glass tables to avoid hot objects causing the table to burst.