Ethereal glass home furnishing, new stylish home icon!


Glass has a long history of use in living spaces. It is a charming and infinitely plastic material.

Changing the furniture from wood and leather to glass, the overall layout and temperament of the space can undergo earth-shaking changes.



Glass seems very pure, but in fact the chemical composition is very complex. It is fragile but strong. It can be colorless like air, or it can change bright colors. It can be said that ethereal glass jewelry home is the new icon of fashion home!

The transparency of glass can not only expand the space visually, but also match with traditional dwellings, neutralizing the heaviness of the original home and making the space more transparent.


Perfect curve, soft and delicate


The cleanness and transparency of the glass represents a kind of emptiness and simplicity after the dust has been wiped away, and the soft light refraction hides the gentle flowing slowly behind it. Virtual and solid structure, bubble texture, color gradation...Through the advancement of modern technology, glass materials are more plastic and can be designed to meet the needs of life's taste.

Curved tables and chairs, coffee tables, mirrors... not only can cool the vision and take away the heat in the hot summer, but also use its own curve to add a touch of lightness and agility to the space.



There is value, more strength

Behind the seemingly simple piece of glass home, there are unexpected tricky craftsmanship and technical input.