How to buy a glass table


1. Looking at the appearance, the glass used in the glass table must be tempered glass. The strength of tempered glass is several times higher than that of ordinary glass. The bending strength is 3 to 5 times that of ordinary glass, and the impact strength is ordinary glass. 5~10 times, the toughened glass is broken into small fragments without sharp angles, which ensures its safety. The flatness, transparency, and smoothness of the appearance also reflect the quality of the glass. A white paper with text is placed on the bottom of the glass, and whether the handwriting can be clearly seen from the front eye to judge its transparency; touch the table with your hand without any obvious sense of blocking. Such glass is smooth and flawless. Remember that tables with many impurities are not recommended for purchase.


2. The firmness should also be paid special attention to when purchasing. The steel-wood base frame or the table of the bracket should be ensured that there is no de-welding, false welding, or cracks in the welding, the screw or rivet connection part is not loose, and the steel pipe frame is connected with the solid wood foot. Be firm. Especially dining chairs are frequently used, so pay attention to the materials and splicing methods of the chairs when purchasing them. Generally speaking, the traditional tenon and tenon structure is relatively strong. Furthermore, dining chairs made of wood such as elm and beech are more durable. This point must be paid attention to when choosing to ensure the durability of the glass table.


3. The most important thing to buy a glass table is its safety. The corners of the tabletop should be made of stainless steel as much as possible, which is clean and not prone to rust. The telescopic glass table can be stretched better, no matter whether it is used by two or more people, it is no problem. When used by a few people, it can be indented to save more space. In the case of many people, just pull it out, not afraid of the situation where the space is not enough. In addition, its slide rail support should have strong wear resistance, and its surface should be smooth to ensure that the table body is not severely damaged. It is recommended that when choosing this kind of telescopic table, it is better to try to stretch it on the spot to see if it can be smooth and smooth. In order to ensure that it can slide smoothly and will not expand and contract due to changes in weather and seasons, there should be a certain amount of room for shaking.

Because of its special material, the glass table is transparent and beautiful, and it is easy to scrub the oil stains on it, so it will be sought after by many families. The glass table is highly practical, and the material is environmentally friendly. It is especially easy to wipe the table after a meal. There are many precautions when choosing a glass table. If the material is not enough, it is easy to explode.