What are the types of glass used in glass jewelry homes?


With the continuous deepening of interior decoration, the glass jewelry homes on the market are becoming more and more diverse, and their functions tend to be more practical and ornamental. So what types of glass are there now?


The glass used in glass jewelry home mainly includes the following:


1. Ordinary glass


2. Frosted glass: sand granular on one side, ordinary glass on the other, semi-transparent


3. Atomized glass: There is a layer of mist on the glass, which has the advantages of not eating handprints and easy to scrub


4. Emulsified glass: the edge of the glass is ordinary glass, roughly half a centimeter, the middle part is similar to the atomized glass, white fog color, the advantage is that it can isolate rays


5. Brushed glass: the color is green and white, the advantage is not to eat handprints, and the metal texture furniture looks very modern


6. Laminated glass: There will be laminated glass in the middle of the glass. Of course, this is not visible from the outside with the naked eye. It is opaque, has advantages, and is very strong. It can not be broken by a hammer. It is generally used as a bedside, and of course the cost is also high.


7. Metallic glass: metal particles are soft and glass material, with high strength and generally unique shape


8. Reflective glass: The metal reflective glass is sputtered on the surface of the glass by ion sputtering method in the vacuum chamber to produce a uniform metal oxide film. The thickness of the metal oxide film is different, namely It can present different colors and high-performance thermal insulation.


9. Insulating glass: Insulating glass is produced by special gases such as dry air or argon between two pieces of glass.


10.Tempered glass: When the flat glass is heated close to the softening point, it cools rapidly on the surface of the glass, so that the compressive stress is distributed on the glass surface, and the tensile stress is in the center layer.